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Top-tier firms currently pay an average of $60K - $125K per hire

Firms can avoid these recruiting fees by hiring candidates directly through Lateral Hub.

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"Given the price point, joining Lateral Hub is a no-brainer for firms."

– Director of Recruiting at AmLaw 50 firm

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"When we save on recruiting fees, we're able to provide a higher signing bonus to the candidate."

– Recruiting Manager at AmLaw 100 firm

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Our Mission

Making lateral moves should be easier for everyone.

Firms should be able to save on recruiting fees, reserving resources that can make them more competitive in a tight market.

Attorneys should be able to browse and filter jobs at competitive firms without hours of research to discover top-tier firms with openings. 

Enter Lateral Hub.

We are streamlining the lateral hiring process by giving attorneys direct and transparent access to openings at top-tier firms.

Our mission is to make the lateral hiring process more efficient for top-tier firms and lateral candidates.

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Things to Consider When Thinking to Go In-House

by: Albert Tawil, Founder & CEO of Lateral Hub   I had a conversation with someone last week considering an in-house move and thought this blog post would be helpful for many.For many BigLaw associates, in-house is the promised land.  “I’ll work here for a few

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