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Ifrah Law is a boutique law firm founded in 2009, located in Washington, DC. The firm is known for its work in Gaming Law and White Collar Litigation/Investigation and has been recognized for multiple top-ranked groups in Chambers USA 2022 – the firm’s practice supports sophisticated clients of all sizes, from Fortune 100 companies to growing companies preparing for IPO to emerging companies in fintech, fantasy sports and other cutting-edge industries. The firm is also well-known for its work in Data Privacy/Cybersecurity, Class Action Litigation, Federal Agency Litigation, and General Commercial Litigation.

The firm’s 11 attorneys include four partners, four counsel, and three associates. Ifrah Law prides itself on its culture and substantive work for its attorneys. The firm’s attorneys are collaborative, friendly, and professional -the small team of attorneys supports each other and encourages associates to become their best professional selves.


Associates have an annual target of only 1,800 hours, including billable work as well as pro bono, professional development, business development and more – giving associates the ability to devote their best selves at work while at the same time enjoying personal time and creating a sustainable balance of work and life. Most lawyers at our firm perform 1600 hours of billable work with an additional 200 of pro bono, business development, and other activities eligible for the hours target.

Junior associates earn a base salary between $150K-$175K. Associates who meet the 1,800 hours target (including pro bono, business development, and other creditable activities) are eligible for a bonus of approximately $50K. The firm also provides strong employee benefits and matches 401(k) contributions of up to $10K. The firm also offers profit sharing to associates, of up to $10K per year.


Ifrah Law’s size and culture make it a great place for junior associates to grow. At our firm, junior associates are tasked with real, substantive work – drafting briefs, taking depositions, appearing in hearings, and preparing for trial. Junior associates are treated as real members of the team to contribute to the client’s success – we do not put junior associates in a “box” to perform doc review or other tasks.

Ifrah Law also provides the rare opportunity for associates to get significant experience across practice areas, between white-color litigation, data privacy, regulatory, advertising, and other areas. Our attorneys are encouraged to work in multiple areas, to become the most versatile and well-rounded lawyers they can be.

Because of this, Ifrah Law is a great fit for smart, confident, fast-learning, and hard-working associates (and graduating law students) who are eager to jump right in and gain hands-on experience early in their careers.

All attorneys at the firm, including associates, have the opportunity to become experts in various topics. Most attorneys at the firm write articles, participate in speaking engagements, and join other activities (which are creditable to the firm’s hours target).


Pro bono work is a core focus for Ifrah Law, and all attorneys at the firm perform a substantial amount of pro bono work. Ifrah Law is proud of its pro bono work, which includes the following matters as only a few key examples:

  • Extensive work with The Clemency Project, an initiative established by the Obama Administration for the release of prisoners who are serving long sentences that would not apply had they been sentenced under current law. Ifrah Law succeeded in obtaining one of the only two clemency decisions made during Donald Trump’s presidency, where our client was released from prison 19 years earlier than planned.
  • Representation of a U.S. Army JA officer seeking determination that his injury occurred in the line of duty, as his illness was misdiagnosed and resulted in the loss of a limb.
  • Consultation with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on a high-profile case involving the murder of a nine-year-old child. Partner Jim Trusty provided guidance to local prosecutors on the most effective way to pursue a homicide conviction where no body was recovered, resulting in an indictment.
  • Volunteer work at Dulles Justice Center in response to Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban, providing information and assistance at the airport’s international and arrivals terminals and working with detainees’ family and friends to obtain releases or explanations.
  • Volunteer work at Human Rights First’s asylum clinic, where participants help asylum seekers complete asylum applications and prepare them to file pro se.