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Merchant & Gould is a full-service intellectual property law firm with offices in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Denver, Knoxville, Los Angeles, New York City, and the Washington, D.C. area.


As the pace of global innovation surges, intellectual property has become an increasingly integral and valuable part of business. Merchant & Gould helps sole inventors, emerging and established companies, universities, venture capitalists, and Fortune 500 and 100 companies stay ahead of the curve to gain leverage in new and existing markets. Our team of nearly 100 attorneys, registered patent agents, and technical experts bring a mix of deep technical experience, exceptional trial advocacy skills, and an affordable rate structure to provide valuable and highly effective representation.


As an intellectual property boutique, approximately half of our firm-wide practice involves securing, licensing, maintaining, and counseling relative to intellectual property matters, while the other half handles litigation and trial practice. Our lawyers bring an inherent global perspective and use creative strategies designed to expand on the potential of new ideas and capitalize on opportunities that exceed our clients’ expectations.


In an increasingly global marketplace, diversity in the workplace is more critical than ever. We focus on recruitment, retention, and the progression of career paths for all attorneys and staff within our firm. New employees, associates, and lateral attorneys know that their unique talents have a platform to grow on and that they’ll be supported in their career development regardless of race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or family status.

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