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Celebrating More Than 35 Years

Founded in 1986, Meyers Nave is celebrating more than three decades of prominent clients, dedicated employees and precedent-setting work. We greatly appreciate serving as our clients’ go-to law firm for handling their most complex, highest profile and most strategically important transaction, litigation and regulatory compliance matters throughout California.


Who We Are

Meyers Nave began in one office with five attorneys focused on one area of law. The firm continues to expand throughout California with over 60 attorneys advising on more than 20 complex fields of law. We represent business entities, public agencies, non-profit organizations and public-private partnerships across California as well as clients based in other states that have interests and operations in California.



Our success is guided by three fundamental principles — impress our clients, inspire our employees and involve our communities. We are here to do well as a business by doing right as a business citizen; we are here to make a difference for our clients, employees and communities; and we are here to advance the practice of law and help lead the legal profession’s influential role in society.



Meyers Nave is defined by its people. We thrive in teams — with each other and our clients. We show respect to others and focus our energies on earning it ourselves. Our core values are: Commit to long-term success, Maintain open and effective communications, Promote respect and courtesy, Act with integrity, Value community service, Provide the highest quality legal services and Create a satisfying and rewarding work environment.


Client Service

Our founders had one goal — provide clients with more effective, efficient and responsive legal services by creating a law firm that offers all the general and specialty areas of expertise that clients typically obtain from numerous law firms. Consolidated in one firm, the comprehensive services we provide are coordinated, the lines of communication are clear, and the best possible results are delivered at the best value.


Clients choose Meyers Nave because we are a mid-size firm that provides statewide coverage with the dedicated, individualized and responsive service that is often unavailable in large firms. Clients like to work with Meyers Nave because we take the time to understand the unique legal issues they face, the goals they aim to achieve and the missions that drive their organizations. We also share our clients’ commitment to giving back and we work together to make a difference in the communities where we live and serve.
Meyers Nave attorneys work in multidisciplinary teams across offices to provide clients with strategic advice, creative solutions and practical guidance. Our results and long-term client relationships speak for themselves.


Diversity and Inclusion

Meyers Nave is committed to attracting the best legal talent that reflects the diversity of California. Women and minority attorneys make up 77% of our lawyers and 11 practice groups are led by women and minority attorneys.


Firm Offices: Oakland, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles

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