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About You 

We assume you are exploring new career opportunities. Can we make a few more assumptions?  

  • You want to work in an environment where you get to do stimulating work that advances your knowledge and career. 
  • You don’t want your work to be limited to document review or closing binders for the next ten years.   
  • You want to work with people you actually like. You appreciate an environment where your success doesn’t come from the detriment of others.  
  • You want to work with a team where questions are encouraged and knowledge is shared.  
  • You want to develop your own clients. You want a supportive platform that gives you the tools and training you need to achieve build a book of business. 
  • You would like to work at a firm where the path to partnership is a real path.    
  • You would like enough personal time to connect with your family, friends, and community.  

If that sounds like you, we invite you to learn more about Platt Richmond, PLLC.  

About Us:  Platt Richmond 

Platt Richmond PLLC is a successful and rapidly growing law boutique with offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas. Founded by entrepreneurs who previously worked in large, national law firms, PR is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs and businesses navigate the complexities of commercial real estate deals, corporate transactions, investment funds, tax planning, business litigation, employment law, bankruptcy, and intellectual property.  

A Real Path to Partnership 

We hire Associates with the belief that each one can become a partner of the firm if they so desire. To become a successful equity partner, you need to have the support of the right platform, tools, and experience. We provide guidance and feedback to help you along the path.  

Training & Experience 

PR offers training opportunities on the best practices in law and business. We provide business development training and give every Associate a yearly business development stipend. Our litigators have significant involvement in all aspects of litigation, including outcomes, determinative and leadership tasks, e.g., taking and defending depositions, arguing dispositive motions, and leading settlement negotiations. On the transaction side of the house, our Associates have opportunities to lead deals and serve as the main point of contact for clients.  

Low Billable Requirements 

We have an efficient and effective business model. We don’t carry the overhead larger firms carry so we can hit our margins without demanding long hours. PR Associates have a 1,700 billable hour requirement. A structured bonus program kicks in at 1,750 hours.  We give credit for business development time.  

Origination Credit 

We work as a team, so partners share originations and client management opportunities. Associates at the firm can receive origination credit on matters they bring to the firm, and on matters in which they are vital to the service levels provided.  


Our professionals honor their commitments, so we don’t track vacation time. We don’t require face time in the office. We offer permanent and hoteling offices, and the ability to work remotely.  

Diversity & Opportunity 

PR is a meritocracy and takes pride in the working environment we’ve created. We attract and support talented professionals from all backgrounds and many different communities.