Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Lateral Hub?

    Lateral Hub is an online job board for lateral candidates and top-tier law firms, as well as a legal career content and resource hub for attorneys.

  • How does Lateral Hub work?

    It’s simple. Users can browse job openings at top-tier law firms for free, and apply in seconds without leaving the site. Free to use. No account required.

    We send all applications to the applicable law firm, who will then contact the applicant directly regarding next steps. If there is an issue with an application that prevents us from sending it to the firm (for example, the application is incomplete), then we will notify the applicant.

    All job openings on our site are provided by our member law firms. We do not scrape job posts from law firm websites or post opportunities without the firm’s consent.

  • Why should I use Lateral Hub?

    There are many reasons to use Lateral Hub, for both firms and candidates. Here are some primary reasons:

    For Firms:

    — By hiring candidates directly through Lateral Hub, you can save on traditional recruiting fees. Our pricing structure is designed to be low-risk and is significantly less than traditional recruiting fees.

    — You can better promote your job openings and your firm as a whole. Candidates generally do not visit firm websites one-by-one and may not be aware of your firm or that your firm is hiring. By posting on Lateral Hub, you can be found by candidates who are browsing and filtering for jobs.

    — By working with candidates directly, you can make your lateral hiring process more efficient and reach a wider audience than current lateral hiring avenues.

    For Candidates:

    — Easily view which top-tier firms are hiring without having to spend time calling friends or recruiters (who may not provide a complete view of firms that are hiring), or digging through databases that are over-saturated with legal jobs that are not interesting to you.

    — Browse and filter for the job openings you are interested in, and apply in seconds without leaving the site. No lengthy and clunky application flow.

    — Get an advantage over other candidates. Firms generally prefer direct applications. By applying directly through Lateral Hub, your application is less expensive to the firm and therefore more attractive. Also, many firms have more flexibility to offer signing bonuses to candidates in cases where search firm or other fees are avoided.

  • Is Lateral Hub a search firm?


    Lateral Hub is a job board for top-tier firms to post job openings. Lateral Hub does not represent candidates in submissions to firms and does not filter, curate, or pitch specific candidates. Once an application is sent from Lateral Hub to a member law firm, the firm then corresponds with the candidate directly.

  • Does Lateral Hub scrape job openings from law firm websites?


    All job openings posted on Lateral Hub are specifically provided by the law firm to be posted on the platform.

    There are several legal job boards that simply scrape openings from firm websites, repost them on their site, and in some cases simply operate as a search firm by turning around and submitting the candidate the firm. This is problematic for several reasons. When job openings are scraped from firm sites, the information is being reposted without the firm’s consent and is often outdated or inaccurate. Firms are frustrated when they receive submissions for openings that are no longer active or when third-party submissions are prohibited. In addition, in many cases, the links to the firm website are broken or inactive due to errors that occur with automated scraping.

  • I’m a member of a law firm recruiting team. If my firm joins Lateral Hub, will this create more work for me?


    In almost all cases, Lateral Hub sends application data directly into the firm’s applicant tracking system.

    One of our primary goals is to make the experience as easy and seamless as possible for law firm recruiting teams.

  • How does Lateral Hub make money?

    Lateral Hub makes money from law firms that post job openings on the site.

    Lateral Hub is completely free for candidates to use.

  • How much does it cost for a law firm to join Lateral Hub?

    To learn more about pricing, get in touch with us here!

    Our pricing structure is designed to be low-risk and is significantly less than traditional recruiting fees.

  • How much does it cost for a candidate to use Lateral Hub?

    Zero. Lateral Hub is completely free for candidates to use. No account or payment required.