Fenwick Efficiently Finds IP Associate via Lateral Hub

Fenwick Success stories

"Lateral Hub has created an inroad into a unique pool of associates."

- Diana Mark, Lateral Recruiting Manager, Fenwick

Innovation by Fenwick

Fenwick has been a Lateral Hub member firm since the platform’s initial launch in August 2022.  (Even earlier than that, when Lateral Hub Founder & CEO Albert Tawil was an IP/Technology Transactions associate at Fenwick, the recruiting team had provided helpful feedback to help Albert develop the concept.)

When Albert approached Fenwick with plans to officially launch Lateral Hub in mid-2022, the firm was interested in using it as a new avenue to hire lateral associates, and to help the firm hone in on laterals looking to focus in the tech and life sciences sectors.  The Fenwick team was intrigued by Lateral Hub’s niche focus on lateral associates, its low-risk pricing model, easy user interface, and white-glove service.  It signed up as part of Lateral Hub’s launch.

“Lateral Hub has created an inroad into a unique pool of associates. They are typically a few years into their career, have learned the ropes of working in a professional law firm, and have a better understanding of the direction they want to take with their practice. Lateral Hub helps attract the specific type of associates we are looking for—associates who tend to be self-directed, high-performing and are interested in focusing more deeply on serving innovative businesses in the technology and life sciences sectors.” Diana Mark, Lateral Recruiting Manager.

In late 2022, Fenwick had several openings published on Lateral Hub’s platform, including an opening for an associate in one of its Intellectual Property practices.

The Candidate’s Easy DIY Lateral Search

After practicing at multiple top Vault-ranked firms over the span of several years, the candidate was looking for an opportunity to lateral to a firm that was a better fit.  The candidate learned about Lateral Hub from an established career coach and checked the site out. 

"It was much easier to apply through Lateral Hub, basically just your resume."

- IP Associate who accepted an offer to join Fenwick after applying via Lateral Hub

Impressed by the site’s easy user interface and the fact that she could apply herself without the need to speak with a third-party, the candidate submitted multiple applications for Lateral Hub’s top-tier member firms. 

Despite using other avenues for her law firm search, the candidate found that she “had a better strike rate” with applications submitted through Lateral Hub.  The candidate also appreciated how easy it was to submit an application as compared with law firms’ own websites, without needing to create an account: “It was much easier to apply through Lateral Hub, basically just the resume.  And it makes it easier for law firms to review the application, since they need to scan less information.”

The candidate secured multiple interviews from applications submitted through Lateral Hub. 

Offer and Acceptance

After multiple rounds of interviews, Fenwick extended an offer to the candidate.  Because the candidate applied through Lateral Hub, Fenwick coordinated directly with the candidate easily and efficiently.

The candidate secured multiple offers for Intellectual Property associate positions through Lateral Hub.  After speaking with members of her network and researching popular BigLaw online forums about her options, the candidate decided to accept the offer to join Fenwick.  After clearing conflicts, the candidate gave notice to her previous employer, excited about the new opportunity.

Because the candidate was able to view lateral opportunities herself without relying on third parties for information or searching through individual firm websites, her job search was faster and more efficient.

And, because Fenwick posted the opening on Lateral Hub, Fenwick was able to promote its job posting and attract candidates directly, saving the firm time and tens of thousands of dollars in finding the right candidate.

Fenwick’s and this candidate’s experience with Lateral Hub within only the first few months of Lateral Hub’s launch is a great example of the value that Lateral Hub provides for both firms and lateral candidates.