Top Boutique DC Firm Uses Lateral Hub to Hire Federal Clerk

Lateral Hub will now be our go-to for recruiting.

- Jeff Ifrah, Founding Partner of Ifrah Law

Ifrah Law Ready to Grow with Lateral Hub

When Ifrah Law, a top boutique litigation firm in DC, was ready to hire another associate, the firm reached out to Lateral Hub about joining as a member firm. Ifrah Law was looking for a junior associate and was particularly interested in hiring a candidate coming off of a federal clerkship.

Fortunately for Ifrah Law, they had come to the right place: Lateral Hub, after discovering the inefficiencies in the post-clerkship hiring process, had launched a separate category for post-clerkship roles in early 2023 and built up a dedicated following of over 150 federal clerks seeking updates on new job postings.

Because of the costs associated with search firms, Ifrah Law prefers to hire candidates directly. The firm has tried posting on law school job boards and other public forums, which required significant administrative work and generated limited success. Ifrah Law was also looking for more brand awareness among top DC candidates, who may only be familiar with larger brand-name firms from their experience in the law school on-campus interview process a few years earlier. Lateral Hub’s price point and white-glove service was attractive to Ifrah Law – Lateral Hub drafted the law firm’s profile for the site, categorized and published the firm’s job posting, and edited the firm’s logos and materials to match the site’s specifications, all with Ifrah Law’s review and approval.

Lateral Hub then collaborated with Ifrah Law on how the firm wants to pitch itself to candidates. Because of its size and breadth of practice, Ifrah Law provides the opportunity for its associates, no matter how junior, to gain substantive experience from day one and work across a variety of practice areas, from securities fraud litigation to data privacy to online betting. Lateral Hub built this into its messaging and promoted the job postings via direct email blasts to its following of judicial clerks and to DC-area junior litigation associates, as well as social media and other avenues.

As a result, the firm received a significant number of applications from qualified candidates within the first week of posting on Lateral Hub. The firm immediately contacted multiple candidates to set up interviews.

Jeff Ifrah, Founding Partner of Ifrah Law, was pleased with the results: We have used many channels for recruiting and are very happy with the results through Lateral Hub. The platform was efficient and effective, sending us a number of high caliber candidates in short order. And the platform did a great job with messaging for our firm. Lateral Hub will now be our go-to for recruiting.

Easy Job Search for a Judicial Law Clerk

The candidate, a judicial law clerk for a magistrate judge in Virginia, was ready to look for her next opportunity as her two-year clerkship was wrapping up. She learned about Lateral Hub while scrolling through Instagram, and started using the free job board platform to apply for junior litigation associate roles right away. She also signed up for updates on post-clerkship roles as part of Lateral Hub’s specific offering for judicial clerks.

I didn’t have time to think of every firm that exists in a town that I’d be willing to live in.

- Federal clerk looking for a law firm job in a variety of major U.S. cities

According to the candidate, Lateral Hub was especially helpful for her situation: for those who are clerking for federal magistrate or bankruptcy judges, often times the physical invitations to firm dinners or other post-clerkship initiatives come few and far between as compared to federal district court clerks. In addition, this candidate was interested in working in several different cities and Lateral Hub was a helpful tool for her to effectively use her time to find openings based on location.

I didn’t have time to think of every firm that exists in a town that I’d be willing to live in, said the candidate.

When she received an email from Albert at Lateral Hub about Ifrah Law’s posting for junior litigation associates in DC, she applied immediately. The firm contacted her for an interview shortly thereafter.

The candidate reached back out to Lateral Hub to request a free interview prep session, one of the benefits that Lateral Hub offers to its users. Lateral Hub coordinated an appointment for the candidate to meet virtually with Jessica Hernandez, JD, APC, CPCC, a certified executive coach and former attorney (read more about Lateral Hub’s free interview prep offering here). The session was helpful and the candidate was able to enter the interview with preparation and confidence.

Offer and Acceptance

After interviewing multiple applicants who had applied via Lateral Hub, Ifrah Law made an offer to this candidate. The candidate, excited about the opportunity, accepted.

Ifrah Law’s and this candidate’s experiences using Lateral Hub is the perfect reflection of how the site can benefit firms and candidates.

Ifrah Law was able to take advantage of Lateral Hub’s promotional efforts, transparency, and dedicated following of associates and judicial clerks, to reach candidates it would not have otherwise been able to reach, and without straining the recruiting budget.

The candidate was able to take advantage of Lateral Hub’s dedicated updates for judicial clerks, easy-to-use interface, seamless application process, and free interview prep.

We are thrilled that this candidate was able to use our platform to advance her legal career and that Ifrah Law was able to use our platform to grow their team so easily and efficiently.

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